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divinity, death, desire

Ritual to Save Tara

I'm surprised this hasn't been posted about yet but here we go:

This ritual is designed to help protect the sacred Hill of Tara and the surrounding Skryne Valley from the damage of the proposed M3 roadway, currently planned to run through the Valley. The Skryne Valley contains numerous ancient sites of historical, archaeological, and spiritual importance, including Ireland's sacred center of Tara. For background information on the situation, please visit http://www.tarawatch.org/ and http://www.hilloftara.info/. Suggestions for this-world actions to help Tara can be found under the “Physical Activism” section below.

This ritual is open to any individuals or groups concerned about the Tara preservation efforts and who wish to help. The ritual was written by Celtic Reconstructionist (CR) Pagans, and is formatted according to Celtic beliefs and worldviews, but one does not have to be CR to participate. Anyone wishing to help in honor is welcome. We do ask that interested parties follow the format presented here so that efforts can be coordinated harmoniously and in a unified fashion. For more information on Celtic Reconstructionism, please read http://paganachd.com/faq/

The whole ritual can be found here. So if you're thinking of something to do this Samhain perhaps you'd lend your energy to this ritual.
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